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Blackjack on Inter Casino

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Hello everyone, I hope everyone is enjoying the World Cup!
Incredibly exciting stuff!

I have sorted out my payments, and have deposited approximately $50 into my Inter Casino account.
I have never played at Inter Casino before, but some of the games here look very interesting.

For example, Inter Casino has many slot games with recognizable themes such as Batman, Superman, or King Kong.


Or the Millionaires Club slot machine.
Check out the size of this jackpot!


But of course, each spin costs 3 pounds, in order to go for the Jackpot.

Today, I am going to play one of my favorite games, Blackjack.
But, Inter Casino offers Blackjack with a twist.
At "Progressive Blackjack" you have a chance to win a progressive jackpot while playing normal blackjack.
The cards you get, determine your jackpot win.


So, let's try.
Not doing so bad, I am winning a bit over half of my rounds, and have won on a Blackjack already.


Wow, what a winning streak, I just won 5 times in a row.
But you know what, I just realized on thing, in order to bet for the jackpot, I need to bet 2 pounds for the blackjack hand, and an additional 1 pound to apply for the jackpot, so a total of 3 pounds.
This means, even if I win, I only win 2 pounds, which means in total, I only make 1 pound on every win, but if I lose, I lose 3 pounds...
Hmm... the jackpot is attractive, but the risk seems to be high, when playing with small denominations like I am.

Let's try a different Blackjack game...
Let's try the a more normal kind of Blackjack, the "Atlantic City Blackjack" game.


Man, I can feel the waves of luck...
First I was on a nice winning streak, and build my way up to 49 pounds, starting with 30.
Now, I am down to 37...


It is really hard to know when to stop...
Should I keep going? or should I stop here while I am ahead...

I know. I will set a rule for myself!
If I end up at 30 pounds, I will quit.
Or, if I end up with 45 pounds, I will quit.
This way, I will not be under what I started with, and will also know when to quit if I am winning.
Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, here we go!

The dealer got 2 blackjacks in a row!
It took only 3 hands to knock me out...

I'm glad I made that rule for myself, or I would have kept playing on this losing streak, if I had lost my logical thinking...

Well, but I was able to play for fairly a long time without losing any money.
Good fun!

Next time, I will try my luck on a game I have never played before.
See you!

2010/07/24 05:22 PM

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