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Live Dealer Games

Live dealer games are games you can play against a real dealer, whose video is streamed live over the internet. You can play in real time with the dealers for added excitement. If you do not feel comfortable in playing the online casino games against the computer, give these games a try!

What is a live dealer game

In a live dealer game, you can play online casino games with real dealers that are filmed live in a special studio, and streamed live in the casino game software. The studios are usually in the Philippines.

You can choose from a number of games such as roulette, baccarat, blackjack, etc. There are always a few tables open at all times.

The amounts you can bet differ by casino, for example minimum and maximum bets of 1-100 dollars, 3-300 dollars, and 5-500 dollars.

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Casinos you can play live dealer games

There are a number of online casinos offering live dealer games. I usually play on the live dealer games offered by the game developer company of Playtech.

Below are some casinos with live dealer games. Casinos using the same game developer company are all connected to the same live dealer game studios. Pick the casino whose bonus offering and services suit you best.

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How to play live dealer games

Live dealer tips

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Live dealer games types and strategies

Live Dealer Blackjack

Live  dealer blackjack
At the live dealer blackjack game, you can play against the dealer, who will deal out the cards.

You can play just like in a casino, but with an advantage that they house cannot see you. So you can try playing by using the "counting" strategy, and jot down the dealt cards, which cannot be done in a real casino without having the risk of being kicked out.

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Player screen for blackjack

  • Double Down
    When you are in a situation where you can double down, the double down button will appear.

  • Split
    When you are in a situation where you can split, the split button will appear.

  • Insurance
    When you are in a situation where you can make an insurance, the insurance button will appear.

Live Dealer Roulette

Live dealer rouletteThe dealer will roll a ball on a real roulette wheel! The excitement of seeing the ball drop is just like in the real casinos!

You can have any strategy notes out when you play, which is one of the advantages of playing online.

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Live dealer baccarat

Live dealer baccaratThe most popular game out for live dealer is baccarat. The shuffling and dealing of cards are done with real cards and give you the feeling of playing in the real casinos!

You can also try the "counting" strategy to increase your chances.

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Live dealer sic bo

Live dealer sic boFor people that want to see real dice being spun when playing sic bo, the live dealer is your choice. Everything from the dealer spinning the dice in the cage, and seeing the results, are all done over a live video feed. The video will zoom in on the dice after the spinning is over.

Sic Bo is a simple game of predicting the outcome of the rolling dice, but with real dice and dealers, the excitement is something you should experience!

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Try out the live dealer games!

Experience reports on live dealer games


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