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Half Stop Strategy

This method effectively makes a "stopping point" for betting, which is one of the key elements of gambling.

This strategy is recommended for players with the following characteristics.

Players that always wins to a certain point, but don't know when to stop, and ends up in a loss in the end. - This method allows half of your profits to be left in your hands!

What is the half stop method?


Stop the game at half of your maximum profits.


  1. First, select the game of your choice. There are no limitations to the game you will choose in this strategy.
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  2. Set today's betting budget. We will use $200 as an example.
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  3. Start playing the game.
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  4. When you start winning and your total gets bigger, continue to bet. Even if your profit becomes $500 or even $800, keep betting.
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  5. As soon as you start losing, keep your eyes open. When your total amount becomes half of the maximum profit you have had for that day, stop playing. For example, if your maximum profit had been $1,000 (your total balance $1,200), stop playing when your profit becomes $500 (your total balance $700).
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  6. If you start winning in the middle of your losing streak before you have reached the "stopping point" above, keep betting. If you reach a new maximum profit of the day, then your "stopping point" has now changed.
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  7. Repeat steps 3 to 6.

You can apply this strategy to any game. There are no limits in the game that you choose or the budget you start with.

By setting this "stopping point", you are able to keep half of your profits, for sure.
Playing for a long time, players tend to lose calmness and lose their ability to make the best choice. For example, even if their winning streak is over, the player cannot stop playing or start betting big on their losing streak. The half stop strategy is a smart method to have a rule set for forcefully stopping your play and guaranteeing to keep your winnings.

Make sure to leave enough time in-between your plays to make sure you are calm the next time you start playing.

The merits and demerits of this strategy

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