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Coin Toss Method

This is a method to toss a coin to determine your next bet in a game with only two choices of making a bet.

This is recommended for players with the following characteristics.

Players that have difficulty in deciding the next bet.

What is the Coin Toss Method?


Decide the object of your bet with a coin toss.


  1. Choose a game with two choices for a bet, for example the Red/Black bet in roulette.
    �@�@�@ ��
  2. Decide on whether to bet on red or black depending on the outcome of a coin toss. For example, if the coin is heads, bet on red, and if the coin is tails, bet on black.
    �@�@�@ ��
  3. Toss the coin. If it is heads...
    �@�@�@ ��
  4. Since your rule is to bet on Red if the coin is heads, bet on red.
    �@�@�@ ��
  5. Try this out a few times.

This can be used in any game with a bet with only two choices. Make your bet according to the heads/tails rules you have decided on.

The merits of this strategy

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