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Get your online casino bonuses!

Win with bonuses!


Using bonuses are a necessary part of an online casino strategy.

The reason being, the amount of bonuses you can receive is incredibly large. For example, I have come across a bonus where you can receive $200 in bonuses for depositing $100!
All of us here at Casino Online love to gamble, but we have never seen such a deal for any other forms of gambling.

What is a "bonus"?

Online casino bonuses are given out for the purposes of:

1) Attracting new players

2) Providing an attractive service to existing players

There are a few types of bonuses within each purpose above.

The most common bonus of the first purpose above is the "welcome bonus". This is a bonus that you receive when you first deposit into a casino. The amount of bonus you can receive vary for each casino, and some casinos also offer bonuses on the second and third deposits.

The most common bonus for the second purpose above, is a bonus that you can receive for depositing with a particular deposit method, a campaign bonus given to players on their birthday or at a certain holiday, or points given as you play, much like a mileage for airlines, called "comp points".

How to receive bonuses wisely

Of the various bonuses, the largest amount of bonus you can get is usually the welcome bonus. This is the most recommended bonus for beginner players, but be careful of the amount you need to deposit. The amount of bonus you can receive depends on the amount you deposit.
For example, if the bonus requirements state, "Receive $100 in bonuses for deposits up to $200, for deposits of $200 and over, receive $150 in bonuses!", and even though you thought you deposited $200 through a bank wire, when the bank wire fees are taken out, your deposit could end up to be less than $200.

Be sure to plan your deposits wisely so that you do not end up in a situation like the above.

Take full advantage of your bonuses

One thing that you should keep in mind is that, in order to withdraw your bonuses, there are certain requirements you need to fulfill. The details should be stated on each online casino's official homepage, as "bonus requirements". Usually, you need to bet your bonuses to a certain amount, in order to withdraw.
Some bonuses require you to bet your bonuses to a large amount, so be careful. With a clear understanding of your bonus requirements, you can aim to turn your bonuses into cash, or use the bonuses to enlargen your betting budget.

Read the experience reports

You can read some of our experience reports to understand more about how some people are using the bonuses.

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