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Take Advantage of Comp Points!

Online casinos offers a service called "comp points".

Comp points accumulate as you play more, like mileage points for airlines. These points can be used to exchange for cash or prizes. Also, sometimes you can receive special treatment when you accumulate a certain amount of points.

Be sure to take advantage of these points for extra cash or prizes!

What can be done with comp points?

Accumulate your comp points!

How to receive comp points?

Comp points accumulate automatically as you play games for real money. However, some casinos require prior application to the comp point service. The amount that accumulates differ for each casino, but for example, at Carnival Casino, you can receive 4 comp points for every $1 that you bet.

How to check the amount of comp points you have accumulated

The comp points you have accumulated can usually be confirmed in the cashier screen of the online casino. For Inter Casino, there is a menyu called "Comp Points" on the bottom right of the lobby screen.

●Displaying the comp points management screen (For Carnival Casino)

Click on the cashier from the lobby screen

The cashier screen will be shown, so click on "Comp" on the lower part of the screen.

On the top part of the screen, your comp points and the current exchange rate will be shown.

Exchanging your comp points for cash or prizes

It's easy to change your comp points to cash or prizes.

Exchanging your "comp points"

In the screen for confirming your current comp points, click on "Exchange".

The process of changing your comp points to cash credits is instant, and the amount will be added to your casino account balance right away.

Exchanging "comp points" to prizes

In the screen for confirming your current comp points, click on "Exchange comp points to prizes".

A new window will be display all of the available prizes. Select the prize you would like to receive and click "PURCHASE".


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