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Receive Your Bonus!

What is an online casino bonus?

A "Bonus" on an online casino is one of the services provided to online casino players.

There are many kinds of bonuses, including "welcome bonuses" you can receive when you deposit into your casino account for the first time, which are common in online casinos.

A good online casino player will take advantage of all bonuses wisely.

Make sure to read carefully about each bonus, and try to receive as much bonuses as you can, within your budget for playing.

How do I receive information about bonuses?

Mail magazines

First, make sure to receive emails with the latest news about the casinos of your choice. There are many informative information on these emails. The emails about latest news are ususally sent to the email address that you have registered when you made your casino account.

Online casino official website

You can also find information about bonuses on the official websites of casinos. Most casinos post their upcoming promotions as a calendar on the website.


There are many bonuses that are given only to players that fit certain requirements. These bonuses will be informed to you through email, so make sure to read through all of your emails.

What to check for in a bonus

There are many types of bonuses. Look out for the following points so you don't miss receiving a bonus, or get stuck with unexpected restrictions on your bonuses.

Various types of bonuses

Below are some of the typical bonuses given at an online casino. Check to see which ones apply to you, and if the casino at which you are playing offers such a bonus.

Welcom Bonus
This bonus is given the first time you deposit after registering to an online casino. Usually the amount given is large and the restrictions are favorable, so this is definitely a bonus you want to receive.
Specified Date and Time Bonus
A bonus given if you deposit on the specified date. Sometimes you are given such a bonus if you deposit within a specified timeframe or "Happy Hour".
Specified Deposit Method Bonus
Online casinos sometimes give out bonuses for depositing through a specified deposit method, like NETeller or bank wires.
Bonuses for Winning an Event
Sometimes bonuses are given for being a chosen winner of an event, such as "Play blackjack during the event period, and the players with the most number of wins will receive a bonus".
Bonuses for Providing Ideas/Comments
Some online casinos offer bonuses for answering requests to email comments for how you feel the online casino can change for the better, or even sending your favorite joke to be placed on their mail magazines. These offers are posted on the emails sent by the casino, so don't miss it!
Bonuses Suddenly Given
I have had bonuses without any prior notice, suddenly in my account. I am not sure what the requirements are to receive such bonuses, but its always nice to get something for free!


The amount of the bonus

The amount of bonus given is usually displayed as a percentage.

The bonuses are usually written like this, "20% bonus on your deposit amount, maximum 200USD". This means 20% of whatever amount you deposit will be given extra to you as a bonus, but the maximum amount of bonus you can receive is 200USD. So, to receive the maximum amount of bonus for this offer is to deposit 1,000USD, and receive 20% of that, which is 200USD.

A percentage of a deposit Ex: 20% of deposit amount, maximum 200USD
A percentage of losses Ex: 25% of the amount you have lost, maximum 300USD
Fixed amount Ex: 50USD bonus for players that fulfill certain requirements


What are the procedures for receiving the bonus

Some bonuses at online casinos require you to apply for them. This means providing bonus codes or going through some procedures before making your deposit. In some cases, you will not be given the bonus if you apply for the bonus afterwards.

Apply through customer support Ex: The bonus is given when you apply by emailing or chatting to a customer support staff
Apply through coupon codes Ex: Type in a "Coupon Code" that is written in the email news sent by the online casino
Automatic application Ex: Some bonuses are automatically credited to your casino account without application


Can you withdraw the bonus?

There are bonuses that can be turned into cash, and bonuses that cannot.

Bonuses that can be turned into cash

These bonuses can be withdrawn just like cash credits, after you have played through the bonus for a set amount of money on games. Please see the "Withdrawal requirments" below.

Bonuses that cannot be turned into cash

For these bonuses, even if you play through the bonus point, you cannot withdraw. In this case, when you withdraw your cash credits from the cashier screen of the online casino, your bonus will be subtracted from your balance as well. For example, let's say your balance is 500USD, and 100USD of that is your bonus points and 400USD is cash credits. When you withdraw 100USD, your bonus will be subtracted at the same time, so your remaining balance will be 300USD.


Withdrawal requirements

Bonuses at online casinos have set requirements for usage of the bonus. It is a good idea to quickly look through the "Terms of Use" that is posted on the official websites of the online casino.

Minimum Bet Requirements

This explains the set amount that you need to play through the bonus in order to withdraw. In most cases, there are certain games that are excluded from the calculation of this bet requirement.

Restrictions on Games

In rare cases, there are restrictions on games in which bonuses can be used. Usually this will be explained clearly in the name of the bonus such as "Slots Bonus".

Experience reports on bonuses




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