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Blackjack at bet365

kayla | Comments ( 0 ) | 2012/04/10 8:27 AM

Finally!!! I can experience this fun online casino thing!
I'm kinda scared but really excited about it.

So now, I got $100 in my bet365 account.
I can increase this or I can lose them all lol

I chose Blackjack which I know how to play:) not like pro but i know the basics!

I wanted to bet from the very minimum like $0.10 but the minimum bet here in this game was $2, so i bet $2.
Hopefully I don't lose my $100 that quick. *fingers crossed*

and YES!!! its not blackjack but i got "21"!!!!!!

i thought....

but the dealer had blackjack...:(

oh well its a first round, so its ok!
so im still gonna go for the minimum bet and i got "20" the next time and i won!!!!

my balance is still $100!!!!!!!!!!
well this is only my second round, so yeah but im not losing at this point!!!!

but that didnt stay that long...
i was still betting $2, so its not that big of a deal.

i won and lost couple times after then.
i raised my bet to $3 and got a blackjack!!!!

i gotta catch this wave!!!! so i bet $3 twice in a row, but i lost both times...
so i lowered my bet to $2 and guess what?!
i started to win as soon as i lowered my bet!! WHY?!?!?!?!?!
so i raised my bet to $3 again, and i got black jack!!!!!
i was sooooo excited that i was gonna win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

then it got PUSH...... orz

but i won $6 three times in a row after then!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :c) wohoooooooooo!!!!!!
then i got scared. i felt like since im winning so many times now, i think im gonna lose from now on, so i lowered my bet to $2 again, then of course i lost after then!
thats what i though!!!
but after losing couple times, i felt like i can win the next round, so i bet $5.
and guess what?!?!
I WON $10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and i raised my bet up to $6 and...

LOST it.....:c(
i thought about betting for two hands, so i started out by betting $2.50 each.
and it started out good!!!

but that was just for the beginning...
i got busted!

after then i won and lost evenly and i just got bored, so i decided to raise my betting up to $8, $10, $12.
I WON $30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and i realized that even if i win, im still the same amount that i started. well i raised 70cent!!
but i want more excitement!!!
so started to bet $20 and $25;c)

and REALLY?!?!?!?!
i had like "20" and "21" and i still lost...

and i ended up...

i can only laugh at this point LOL
ill try to raise this... can i do this?
well i can bet 3 times with minimum $2 right!!!!???
ill save this $6.70 for the next time for the revenge!!!!!

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