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kayla | Comments ( 2 ) | 2012/03/07 2:28 PM

Hello my name is Kayla. I've been to couple countries and I'm thinking about going to India sometime this year. I've never been to India, so I'm kinda scared but at the same time, I'm so excited about it!!!

This might sound bad, but the only things come up in my mind when I hear the word "India" are CURRY and BOLLYWOOD.
I love Bollywood!!!!!! Those actors/actresses sing and dance really good and I love the music too. I can't imagine living there. It'll be a great adventure!!
So one day I was talking with my friend and told him that I might move to India sometime soon. Then he got really excited and told me about this online casino thing.

He introduces Indian online casino on his website, apparently he was looking for someone who can look into it and write a blog for it. He asked me if I were interested in searching, playing, and writing about online casino.

I've never really done anything related to casino, so I was like... hmm why not? It might be an exciting experience! So that's how I ended up writing this blog right now.

I really don't know where I am heading to lol but seems like interesting things are waiting ahead of me!!!

Sooooo... I started to look up Indian online casino. Seems like there are so many fun things in India!
To be honest, I've never been to a real casino. I have this strange image like people are smoking and gambling a big amount of money which I don't think I can afford, and also I don't like smoke, so that just makes me don't want to be in that circumstance you know.

But in online casino, I can pretty much play wherever and whenever I want!!! It could be a good way to get away from my work and take my minds off from it too. I can just play in my own room with my PJs on lol and also I might get some extra cash in my pocket without a huge risk since I can bet from small amount.

I gotta find some good casinos that look interesting...
If you know any good casinos, please let me know!

oh and this picture is just to say "hi" to everyone:)IMG_1689.jpg

Comments ( 2 )


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