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Gotta get going

kayla | Comments ( 4 ) | 2012/03/26 12:39 PM

Ok... so I deposited and am waiting for the balance of my moneybookers' account to change. They told me it's gonna take for awhile since I deposited through bank...

So... meanwhile, I decided to open up my Neteller account.
Man this payment process is taking so loooooooooong!

I heard Neteller is very useful and you can use it for anything, and most online casino has Neteller as a payment method.
I just googled Neteller and went to their official site and signed up for it.

And of course, as always, I had to put my email address.
I feel like I'll be getting some junk mails since I'm telling my email address whenever I sign up for something.
Maybe I should make some couple email addresses and use it in different purposes!
But I guess this one should be an important one since I'm putting my money in this account!2012y03m02d_153044884.jpg

Then I fill out an application form with all these personal questions.
By the way, do you know the purple dinosaur Barney?
That TV show was my favorite when I was a kid, so I just put barney as my childhood friend there as an example lol
They reminded me to remember those security questions.

For some reasons, my account got suspended the next day, and I got a phone call.
They asked me some of these questions and I had to answer it. 
I thought I won't forget about what I wrote there, but I guess I'm getting old... I had to think for a moment to answer these questions.
but hey, thank god I was able to answer it!!! so make sure you don't forget it;)

Once I hit CONTINUE, they gave me an account ID and secure ID.
I was all set!!! It was a easy three steps:)

Now all I have to do is send them a color copy of my ID.
So I sent them with an email and I'm good to go!!
I already put $100 in my account, so I can literally play online casino now!!!!
Sooooo excited:)

Comments ( 4 )


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