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kayla | Comments ( 2 ) | 2012/03/21 9:55 AM

Hey, how are you all?
Last week I downloaded and registered as a player.
I enjoyed playing for fun, so this time, I'm thinking about playing for real!!
In order to do that, I have to deposit my money to some kind of payment systems.
So I picked Moneybookers!

I only did a basic registration, so that might be the reason the process went really smooth!
I went to Moneybookers official website and signed up for it.
Purple is kinda unique color for website. I LIKE IT!!!!! Although I would use more bright purple:)

I'm using this for my personal purpose, so signing up for "personal account"!!!
I wish I had my own company...
I will sign up for business account once I make my own company;)

and Yes... there is a long form to fill out...lol oh well people have to know their customer's info right? haha

And that was it!!!! I think this was the fastest process I've ever had.
Now I have to deposit a money in my account in order to transfer the money into my casino account, so I'll upload money.

I chose bank transfer since I don't feel good about giving out my credit card information... and seems like I don't have to pay the fee too!

After I clicked on to NEXT, all the details showed up with bank information, so I gotta go to ATM or a bank to put in some money to it!

Comments ( 2 )


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