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Found one!

kayla | Comments ( 0 ) | 2012/03/09 11:08 AM


I was looking up for some online casinos, and there are so many!!!
I couldn't choose which to play...
So i asked some of my friends who kinda knows about online casinos, and they recommended me Bet365 since it is a big and popular one.
I guess I'm just gonna go with a flow:)

This is kinda exciting because I've never bet anything in my whole life, and I'm about to take one step to enter a whole new world that I don't know whats gonna happen!!
Here we gooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

First of all I went to the official site of <Bet365> and went to Casino.
There were all kinds of games!!!
Then DOWNLOAD NOW screen pop out, so I just clicked on it!

Man there are so many games here... I don't know which one to play lol
I'll figure that out later for sure!

After I pressed DOWNLOAD NOW, another small window pop out and asked me a language preference.
I only know English so... English please!

I've taken Spanish class in college, but I don't remember much anymore... Maybe if I use this in Spanish, I might be able to work on my Spanish at the same time!
I should switch it after I get used to English one. yeah that sounds better haha!
I'm just gonna stick to English for now!

Then it asked me which folder to install it. It automatically make a new folder, so I just checked the square of I agree to the terms above.

After I clicked on NEXT, it started to download.
It only took for few minutes.

Wow it was so simple and easy.
Honestly, I thought it's gonna take mad long.
I could do it, so anybody can do it since I'm not a techno person...!!
AND this means we are all set:)

After pressing DONE, the program started!!!!!!!

I can play, i can play, i can play!!!!!!
... ... ... I guess not... 
Of course I have to register! lol
We are almost there though.
JOIN NOW took me to the registration page.

Then I had to fill out these information.
Unfortunately, I don't have any codes, so I'm just gonna play without a bonus.(at the very bottom of the form)

After entering all these information, i guess we are good to go!
"Account has been created"... yay!!!!
All I have to do now is to put the account information to deposit money.
But I don't have an account...:(
Seems like there are so many ways to make a payment.
I'll sign up for Neteller since I know what that is.
Ok I'm going to register for that next time!2012y03m02d_164321856.jpg

After signing up as a player, I got an email like this↓


I need to sign up for Neteller next time!!!
Then I can play;)

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