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What is an Online Casino?

A casino is a place of highclass entertainment.
Experience the excitement from home.

Casinos exist in numerous locations in the world, such as Las Vegas, Macau, Australia, plus many many more. In a casino, you can play such games as roulette, blackjack, poker, or slot games.

Aim for big winnings in a virtual casino!

Slot games are easy to play.
Even beginners can aim for big payouts!

An online casino, as you can tell from its name, is a casino that can be played online. Everyday, all around the world, beginner and experienced players play on variou online casinos for big winnings or for entertainment.

Even though it is in a virtual environment, it is in many ways, just like a real casino. You can play with real money and can withdraw your winnings. In an online casino, you have the chance to win 10s of thousands, or even millions of US dollars!

Some people may wonder, "How can I trust that the computer is providing game results fairly?". However, even in real casinos, the slot games and other machines use the same technology. Keep reading to find out more of how you can make sure to be playing at a trustworthy casino.


Higher payout rates than most other forms of gambling!

When you gamble, of course you are playing to win!

So which is a better form of gambling, lotto or online casinos? Some people may say lotto, due to its high prizes.

But, think about how many people you actually know that have won 10s of thousands or even thousands of US dollars on a lotto. I actually know of one person that won 90 thousand US dollars, but that is one person out of everyone I have met in my entire life of 36 years.

However, I personally know of many people that have won more than 10s of thousands of US dollars. This is due to the high payout ratios that online casinos offer. "Payout ratio" is the percentage of how much the bets are returned to the player as payouts. Online casinos offer 95% or even as high as 98% payout ratios. This is much much higher than lotto or other forms of gambling.


Play only at trustworthy casinos

Online casinos first appeared in 1995, and is now said to have grown to over 2000 existing casino operators. In reality, there are a large number of casinos that operate with high standards of fairness and customer safety, but there are also malicious casinos operators that do not do so. Over time, there have been many advances in the industry to secure the safety of online casino players.

The online casinos that I play on, all have been issued proper licenses from appropriate jurisdictions, which means they have passed initial and ongoing inspections on their operation and games from regulators. Read more on this site about how to differenciate "good" and "bad" online casino operators.

On this site, I will introduce and recommend the online casinos that I personally play on frequently.



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