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How to Make an Account at NETeller

What is NETeller

NETeller is one of many "online payment services" that allows users to deposit and withdraw into and out of online casinos using their NETeller account. NETeller can be used at most casinos and provides the website and customer support in many languages.
If you upgrade your NETeller account to issue a NET+ card, you can withdraw from your NETeller account from ATMs. If your credit card does not work directly on the online casino site, try the card at NETeller.

  1. To use NETeller, you must first make a NETeller account, which can be completed by filling in a form online, and answering a telephone call.
  2. Then you can fund your NETeller account with a credit card or bank wire.
  3. Use your funded NETeller ccount to deposit into an online casino account. NETeller can be used at most online casinos.

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Making a NETeller Account

1. Access the Official Website of NETeller

NETeller's official website


Click on the "Join now" button on the left side of the screen.

(You can change the language of the website by clicking "Change my language" on the top right side of the screen)

2. STEP1: Account Information

NOTE: Make sure to write down and save all of the information you provide in a safe place.

Account Information

  • Email Address:
    Important confirmation and notices mail will be sent from NETeller to this email address.
    Make sure you provide an email address that you have access to.
  • Country:
    Choose the country in which you live.
  • Desired account currency:
    Choose the currency in which you would like your NETeller account to be.
  • Password:
    Enter a password that is longer than 5 characters.
    Make sure the password is not easily guessed.
  • Security Question:
    Click on the "▼" and choose your security question.
    Make sure you pick a question and answer that you can easily remember.
  • Terms of Use:
    Read through the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and click on the "I agree" checkbox.

NOTE: Make sure to write down your password and security question answer on a memo and keep it in a safe place.

3. STEP2: Personal Information

NOTE: Make sure to write down and save all of the information you provide in a safe place.

Personal Information

  • Last Name:
    Enter your last name.
  • First Name:
    Enter your first name.
  • Street Address:
    Enter your address including your house number.
  • City:
    Enter the city in which you live.
  • Postcode:
    Enter your postal or zip code.
  • Country:
    Enter the country of your address.
  • Primary Phone:
    Enter your home phone or mobile phone number.
    The country code of your number should already appear.
    Enter your phone number without the first "0".
    Example: 09012345678 should be written -> 9012345678
  • Alternate Phone:
    If you do not have one, this can be left blank.
  • Sex:
    Click on the"▼" and choose your sex.
  • Date of Birth:
    Click on the "▼" and choose the date of your birth.

4. Registration Complete!

Registration Complete

NOTE: Your account ID and secure ID will be sent over email, but make sure to record both IDs separately on a memo and keep it in a safe place.

5. Logging into NETeller

Log into NETellerYour account creation is complete!

Registration Complete Mail ExampleRegistration Complete Mail Example
The email that will be sent to your after registeration will look like this.

Login ID, Secure ID, Password, Security Questions...??

NETeller uses various information to increase the security of its users.
The below are all very important information that you should keep saved in a safe place.

  • Account ID:This is basically your account number.
  • Secure ID:This is similar to a second password.
  • Password:
    This is needed to login to your NETeller account.
    In order to login to your NETeller account you need your Account ID, Secure ID, and Password.
  • Security Questions:
    This is very important, because this is used for personal identification when NETeller calls to your phone.
    If you forget the answer to your question, the identification process becomes complicated, so make sure you save this imformation in a safe place.

Please make sure to be careful in taking care of your personal information.
There have been reports of what is called "fishing" emails, where someone have sent fraudulant emails pretending to be NETeller to try to obtain your personal information. Whenever you feel suspicious of an email, please contact the customer support at NETeller to make sure it is an email that is actually from them.

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Upgrading Your NETeller Account

After you have made your account, you must "upgrade your account".
You need to upgrade your account in order to withdraw from your NETeller account, so you should do this right after making your account.
After logging into your NETeller account, click on the "Upgrade your account" in the menu, and go through the instructions to upgrade.

What you can do after upgrade

You can withdraw from your NETeller account

This mean, if you do not upgrade, even if you win money at the casino and you move over those winnings to your NETeller account, you cannot take that out.

Your maximum deposit limit increases

Send funds between NETeller users

You can move funds between NETeller users.

You can use new services from NETeller

You are able to use new services from NETeller

How to Upgrade your NETeller Account

1: Prepare all of the needed information

Prepare either a digital camera or a scanner,
and all documentation needed

* The needed documentation are the following
1. Passport or a drviers license
2. A public utility bill or a credit card bill
(The bills must be issued within the last 3 months)

2: Make the documents in data format to attach to an email

The document must be turned into a picture file to attach to an email.

* Cautions in taking a digital photo or scanning
The file must be in color, and must cover all four edges of the document.
If this is not the case, you may be asked to re-take the photo or re-scan the document.

Resolution of a photo taken by your mobile phone may not be enough to read the document, so a photo with a digital camera or a scan is recommended.
The requirements of the file may be different depending on the document you need to provide, so make sure to read the instructions carefully.

  • Passport
    Take a photo or scan of the page with your photo and passport number.
  • Driver's License
    Take a photo or scan of both sides of the license.
  • Utility or Credi Card Bill
    Take a photo or scan of the entire document including all four corners of the document.

3: Send in the Files to NETeller via Email

Once the file is ready, you must attach it to an email and send to the following email address:
<宛先> [email protected]

  1. Attach the picture file to an email.
  2. In the email, write in your NETeller ID, and your full name, provided during registration.
  3. Send this email from the email address you registered to NETeller.

Once you have upgraded, NETeller will send you an email asking when they can call you to confirm your identity. Reply to the email with your desired time.

You will receive a phone call at your specified time, and will be asked the answer to your security question.

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Making a NET+ Card

The NET+ card allows you to withdraw from your NETeller account using an ATM. Also, the card has a debit card feature, so you can use it like a credit card for shopping.

How to apply for a NET+ card

How to apply for a NET+ card1. Click on "Register Now!

Log into your NETeller accont, and click on "Net+ Prepaid Card" from the top menu.
Click on "Register Now!"

Read and agree to the terms of use2. Agree to the terms of use

Click on the checkbox to agree to the terms, then click on the button.

3. Choose your currency

In order to avoid unncessary currency exchanges, you should choose the same currency as your NETeller account.
Check that the address that the card will be sent to is correct. Correct it if it is wrong. Then click on the button to continue.

4. Complete!

Registration completeAfter registration, your card will arrive in approximately 2 weeks. Also, your PIN number will arrive in approximately 10 days after that.

The postal mails are sent separately so the arrival times differ. Make sure to keep your PIN number in a safe place.

When your card arrives, you need to follow procedures to activate the card.

Once your NET+ card arrives, you need to activate the card on the NETeller site.
(This can be done right after arrival of the card so it's better to do it before you forget)

  1. Log into NETeller and click on "Net+ Prepaid Card" from the top menu
  2. Click on "Card activation procedure"
  3. Type in the following information.
    1. Card Number: Type in the number on yur card without hyphens
    2. CVV: Type in the three digit number on the back of your card.
  4. After you have entered all information, click on "Start using".

Now, just wait for your PIN number to arrive, and once you have this on hand, you can use the card to withdraw at an ATM!

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Depositing/Withdrawing to Your NETeller Account

Using NETeller

  1. NETeller Overview
  2. Deposits to NETeller
  3. Deposit at a Casino with NETeller
  4. Withdraw from a Casino to NETeller
  5. Withdrawing from NETeller

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