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Progressive Baccarat.... something for me??

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Hi there fellow gaming enthusiasts...

Since my SAD SAD discovery of missing the bonus at Crazy Vegas Casino, and in addition taken into account the poor luck I've had I have decided to find a few other casinos and games to try my luck on... I stumbled over 777baby, a playtech casino that offered $30 bucks just for signing up for a real account... what a great way to try new games... not that $30 bucks last for a long time but it's a great way to dare to try new things....

777baby is as all other Playtech casinos very nice and the game feel is top notch... in the lobby they have a New Games button... so that's where I'm taking my pick today....


Progressive Baccarat... hummmm what the heck is this??? I gotta try this, could be a smash hit, or a really weird game...


Wow there's a $74K+ Jackpot... SWEET...!!

But wait a minute... in order to cash in the Jackpot you need both player and banker with a tie of A+8... I don't think I've ever seen that combo... like NEVER... well sometime will be the first right...


Playing a few hands on tie and not doing well at all.... I'm back to playing my regular way... but with out any better luck at all... I think this progressiveness isn't something that goes well with baccarat... but hey... if it progress in my direction I will quickly end my complaining... he he he...


Damn... I really should make this trial short guys... I can feel in my gut that today won't be a day with winnings nor progressive happiness!!!

If I loose the next hand I will throw in the towel guys and recooperate, and setting a new course for other games...


Well... I had a hunch that even a threat to quit the session wouldn't help me winning... I will restrategize and play something else another day...

Best of luck to you all...!

2010/10/27 05:02 PM

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