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Multi-line Jacks Or Better in the wild wild Jungle…!

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Hi there fellow card sharks...!

Today I'm planning to have a go at the multi-line Jacks Or Better at Wild Jungle Casino. I'm not a big fan of Video Poker but on the other hand I wasn't really comfortable in a purple wig before I got hooked on Bech Life... so never say never...


The advantage of these multi-line video pokers is that you get 10 plays at every deal... hummm meaning you have a chance to win in multiples... but also loose in multiples... ha ha ha.


Holding a pair of K and a single A must give guaranteed win... although not that huge unless something full housey~ would strike...! but we all know that I'm not that lucky guy...


Guys a few more of these wish-washey plays and I really will make this session short.


NICE... two pairs on the first deal... Please please please gimme a lot of full houses, mansions PLEASE!!


AWESOME 2 full houses... and well no surprise the remaining 8 lines 2 pairs... $7.50 win on a $2.50 bet.


hum.... a single A and pair of 3's... what to hold... just the A or also the pair of 3's???

I'm feeling wild... just the A is the right call for me....


Bummer... that wasn't a slick move... only one 3 of a kind and some nitty gritty... only a $1.50 return...


Ouch... my soon to be FAMOUS BAD LUCK seem to have struck bulls eye again, mayday mayday... I'm going down guys....


Double ouch... this is not going well... and I really feel that this round should be ended quickly to minimize damage... One more deal and I'm throwing in the towel...


Interesting... 4 clover cards... he he he this must give 2 or 3 flushes right... or my probability calculation is really off today...



BLACK IT GOT ALRIGHT... but not the black that I was expecting.... meaning I of course hoped for a lot more than just 3 flush hands... well well it seem to be a day of bad probability for me guys... I better stick to my word and make that one the last...

Enjoy your gaming... and best of luck to ya'll...!!

2010/10/08 09:58 AM

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