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Going Bananas... on banana monkey

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Fellow gaming pioneers...

Playtech has added a new series of slots that I must say look really interesting and fun... but the BIG question is... WILL I WIN?? ha ha ha...

Going over the new slots my interest get stuck on Banana Monkey...


It looks REALLY NICE... but how does it actually work... or rather what will win me money...!??!

Heading over to the INFO button I'm sure all questions will find answers...


there are 4 pages with explanations... WOW is a slot really that complicated??? The payout images seem to be rather standard... so let's move over to page 2...


BONUS ROUND... and not just one of those static and mondane bonus rounds here you actually have to participate... jumping from tree to tree collecting bananas... sounds like a real monkey job... but fun at the same time...


FREE GAMES... this really sound like a game I could get hooked on... I wonder what page 4 of this explanation will be... FREE BOOZE???


NOT REALLY... ha ha ha free booze would have been hard to incorporate in the game... It's just a gamble option... but with one cool twist to it... double or nothing has been extended with a half of the winning gamble option... that is really good... I wonder if I at all will get a chance to try that feature... ha ha ha


Okey I'm hoping for a good streak of luck here... my first spin gave me back the bet amount... better than loosing right...??


Hummm I'm not hitting any good wins.... $1 win... That's not even enough to buy a banana for...


Hum... I smell loosing streak again... I'm down to my last spin again guys... huummmm Jackpot on the last spin... what's the odds for that happening????


Well someone hit the small Jackpot... and when I say small I REALLY MEAN SMALL... under $200 bucks... what kind of a feature is this... who would get turned on by hearing that SOMEONE ELSE won the jackpot???

NOT ME... I'm glad I only had one more spin to go... Congrats to the happy jackpot winner... I'm not pursuing this anymore today that's for sure...

2010/10/31 05:38 PM

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